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Servus, glad you made it to my basecamp.


I am an outdoor athlete, explorer, nature preserver, movie encyclopedia, soup lover, radio listener, intercultural exchanger, idealistic graphic designer, art director and collaborator, born in the mountains and shaped by the alps.

Inspired by the great outdoors, I founded Studio Matt and aspire to reach the challenging peaks in design while keeping a wary eye on our home planet. With multifunctional design, a focus on the essence and the use of the proper technique puts even under pressure the summit of the most demanding challenges within reach.

With my energetic work style, curious mind and flexibility I solve design obstacles with power, endurance and the right dose of pragmatism.
I apply my conceptual thinking and creativity in brand design, identity, campaigning, editorial, events and websites.

Understanding and grasping the nature of the clients' personality and needs, is one of my strengths in order to come up with an original idea, concept, visualization and copy.

My portfolio can be described as sportive,    illustrative, sophisticated and thoughtful. It's the good people, exceptional athletes, impactful companies, innovative brands and dedicated clubs I meet on my journeys who strengthen me to make it to the top.

Press & Exhibition

Design made in AustriaPAGE, STRAKS, POTENTIALe

Recently met on my journey

ABUS, adidas, Aidshilfe Vorarlberg, Allianz, Bodymoss, BMW, DYNAFIT, European Olympic Youth Festival, Fahrrad XXL, Feelgood Skiguide, GYM PRVCTR, idoAudio, iFLOW Sportswear, ISPO, KMF Trailrunning, MAHLE, Movember, myposter, Poolbar Festival, Radteam Vorarlberg, Raja Foundation, Runtastic, SOS-Kinderdorf e.V., That's It, TREVO Coffee Roastery, TRIDONIC, Weleda, Würth MODYF, Pascher+Heinz, X-BIONIC

Ready for a new journey?

Don't hesitate to contact me from monday to friday daytime if you want to collaborate, hire me or just say Servus. Weekend availability according to the weather of the great outdoors.

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